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Art Noir 

Playing on House of Noir themes of darkness and light, journeys through pleasure and pain and self discovery, House of Noir now hosts artists whose bodies of work compliment all the aspects of Noir. If you are an artist and wish to submit your work please write to
It is our utmost pleasure to be able to introduce London based print maker Marcin Filip Cybulski &WeArtStudio.
Marcin creates multimedia collages, working from a foundation of mysticism with elements of symbolism, intertwined with eroticism. His style can be said to have a dark yet intriguing edge, that is very much influenced by Surrealism, Bauhaus, Neo-surrealism and abstract expressionism. Marcin's medium is collage, employing both raw and delicate application of paint, gold leaf and silk screen printing on wood, paper and textiles.  He draws inspiration from Paul Wunderlich , Christian Boltanski , Robert Rauschenberg , Andy Warhol , Mark Rothko , Karin Székessy to name a few.
Art Noir is proud to showcase a selection of Marcin's artworks this summer, with this first series of pieces title  "The Alchemy" at Eclipse Chelsea. More of his work can be seen here THE ALCHEMY

"To find the alchemical gold hidden in our own depths and more than often in our own shadow self , and to retain it once again, a heroic journey inward is required.


Many aspects of others integrated in our being as our own need to be met and got to know, our deepest emotions need to be felt and owned once again.


Only then the gold will be found, and all the faces that we carry around shall be one"  

Britt Sanja Jusic-

House of Noir Group Founder

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