Nude Noir presents "BAL NOIR- Lost in Lust" 

Bal Noir, a post Halloween evening of light and dark, blood and lust, fantasy and a vague flickering reality where your torrid imagination is the only limit. Where fangs are de rigeur, capes a must and fright? Simply essential to the nature of your nocturnal being.

Immerse yourself and become truly Lost In Lust on Saturday 3rd November.

Performance focuses on the enslaved, imprisoned and tortured soul, teasing out a glimmer of beauty in the void. The Gothic splendour of the aptly named Gore offsets a promenade theatre of macabre delight. 

Needless to say we will be inundated with requests for invitations and tickets, so make your request as intriguing as you are able. Priority will be given to the most creative imagination. Time is of the essence; move fast

Dress Code: Noir, avant-garde, femme fatale & vampire costumes welcome

Win the contest: Prize of £500 for the "Noir-est" dressed girl or boy to spend at The Milo Clinic - Harley Street, one of London's leading aesthetic medicine clinics.


(Nude Noir, 2012)