The Rise of The Femme Fatale Workshop 

Sensuality & Sacred Feminine 

You are sacred. Your body is sacred. Your sensuality is sacred. 


In this workshop we will allow this intrinsic part of (y)our female nature to be explored and expressed.

It is that same fearless female essence that lives inside every woman, part of you that is waiting to be rediscovered. Your personal and unique fire. 

Inside every woman there is an energetic and magnetic quality that makes her attractive, healthy, radiant, sensual and grounded. When unique Female Essence awakens from within and when the intention is to embody this sacred part of us, then the world becomes one of wonder, sensuality and openness. The greatest gift of all will be received. You. Discover her. She is waiting.


SATURDAY 23rd April 

From 12.00- 21.00 

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