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For centuries, man has tinkered and tweaked edible matter to create joy. Well, now it's woman's turn. And as you all know, this woman is quite the past-mistress in matters of joy and delight for the senses.


Avec plaisir,  Madame Noir of Nude Noir welcomes you to the House of Noir, and to the next chapter in our exploration of seduction: FOOD NOIR


Prepare to be uplifted, titillated, thrilled and coaxed gently to the very edges of delight, in this multi-sensory theatre of taste.   


Yes, you are invited to partake in a sensuous, immersive theatrical banquet!


The dual worlds of cuisine and performance will collide, to deliver an experience that is nothing short of a feast for all the senses. 


A soundscape created as a backdrop to the evening's entertainment to soothe and stimulate in equal measure, aromatic twists to evoke a sense of other-worldliness, poetry to deliver substance to the style, and impeccably sourced cuisine, prepared and served with the signature flair that has put Nude Noir nights on the centre-stage of London's “premier soirees celebrating elegance and eroticism"


Come, and feast with us. Both culinary and erotic adventurers alike will be thrilled, delighted and satisfied. 


When did she ever let you down? 

                                        Hungry for more? 


“Night of unbridled decadence with Madame Noir of Nude Noir”


“Salacious and seductive, dark and inventive, this is no ‘casual night out’ affair”


Have You Ever Been Seduced By Food?

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