“Undeniably exciting and just a little bit naughty” Nude Noir - an ‘invite only’ soiree inspired by the works of the world renowned, ever sensual photographer Helmut Newton.


Launched in 2012, Nude Noir is hosted by the mysterious and elusive Madame Noir and hosted in refined and decadent venues around the world.


Each event is stylised around a narrative that brings to life a different Noir fantasy. It is a night of moments, sequences and sensations, all designed to gently thrill her guests with visual splendour and drama and where all are encouraged to become part of the performance.   

Madame Noir calls it  Theatre Noir  


Nude Noir is bourgeois elegance with a touch of dark eroticism; where fantasy and reality collide to entertain and heighten the senses.  The atmosphere is playful, seductive yet filled with an air of mystique.  For those who may be letting their imaginations run wild, don't be mistaken; Nude Noir is not, nor will it ever be, a sex party.  Madame Noir does not stand for that under her rules. 


What sets the nights shared with Madam Noir apart is her deeply embedded mission; 'To entertain those who want something more, want something intriguing and that offers more than the night clubs who have lost touch with the needs of their once loyal guests’.  She knows that London is now hungry for a sophisticated evening of delightful entertainment, where likeminded individuals who enjoy late story-filled nights, seek new and creative sources of excitement.


Nude Noir is about the seeds of pleasure and seduction, excitement with tension, indulgence with boundaries, desire with awareness…. . Far-fetched? Not at all. Come and experience it for yourself.


Call it immersive, call it promenade, call it outré if you will; Nude Noir is a multi-sensory experience, designed to intrigue and satisfy those in need of more than the plastic fantastic can create.


Madame Noir’s guests must come suitably attired for this spectacle of elegant seduction. Fashion inspirations 


Ladies: Black, Silk, Lace, Leather, Masks, Avant-Garde

Gents:  Masks, Black Tie 


To request an invitation write to Madame Noir here


“Undeniably Exciting & Just a Little Bit Naughty”

(NUDE NOIR, 2012)


"Salacious and seductive, dark and inventive, this is no 'casual night out' affair." -THRILL CITY

"Immersive storytelling inspired by erotic literature, which blurs the boundaries by inverting traditional audience vs actor roles." -RUDE MAGAZINE

"Nude Noir has been gaining groundswell by revellers in the know as one of the premier soirees celebrating elegance and eroticism" -INNERPLACE