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First things first, who is Madame Noir?

This all depends on who's asking; presently it seems everybody wants to know. In truth, precious few know the true potential of this temptress, yet many yearn to. By day she moves within the circles of high society with ease and grace, by night within the decadent splendour and sexually charged space of her own house, the house of correction that is house of Nude Noir. Madame Noir is the ultimate femme fatale, hostess par excellence, ruler of The House of Nude Noir.


Interview in full : 





"Salacious and seductive, dark and inventive, this is no 'casual night out' affair."

"In a hotly anticipated follow-up from the resounding success of London’s most sensational event series “Nude Noir”, Madame Noir takes up a summer residency in her spiritual home, Dubrovnik."

"Night of unbridled decadence with Madame Noir of Nude Noir"

"Nude Noir has been gaining groundswell by revellers in the know as one of the premier soirees celebrating elegance and eroticism"



" 'Fiesta of erotic art', steamy live performances and guests in bondage gear (and makes the critically-panned film look tame)


"F. Lasić je na Nude Noir stigao u društvu atraktivne djevojke"



"Koneptualna večer Nude Noir ovog ljeta ima rezidenciju u jednom od najljepših gradova svijeta - Dubrovniku"




"Mistična ‘noir’ večer okupila slavna lica u Dubrovniku"




"'Nude Noir Cocktail Lounge Bohemia', an exclusive and extravagant London based event series, is coming to Dubrovnik this Friday"





"Como en el caso de  las Fiestas Secretas de Nude Noir que se organizan en Londres"





"Immersive storytelling inspired by erotic literature, which blurs the boundaries by inverting traditional audience vs actor roles."



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